Archive Orders

My client has an archive sales order, they wish to make it into a live order, but when the “Make Order” option it errors at the first line where the Type is blank.

Any ideas would be most grateful


Strange that you get error - I tried to replay your scenario (Archived SO with first line Type=" – comment line, only some Descr entered – then “Restore”) and it restored normally, so problem is somewhere else, not first line having empty Type.

Added: It won’t Restore, if you have posted tho original SO, which was archived…

As Modris said, this doesn’t happen in base navision, I have tested in NAV 2009.

May be the error message can give some clue.

Error message is “Type must not be blank in Sales Order XXX Line No. YYYY”

This is obviously a text line.


Not necessarily. Seems your Archived order is somehow corrupt, as error you provided occurs, when you try to create SO Line from “wrong end” - Type in new line is still blank, but you try to enter, say, Qty. Check your Archived Order lines - are they all OK, that is, if it is Item line, is Type=Item and so on.