Archive multiple sales orders at once

I need to archive multiple sales orders that are a mix of complete, incomplete, etc… - all at once. How do I go about doing this in NAV 2009?

1 - Figure out the logic that is executed when an order is archived

2 - Create a process that loops through your orders

3 - Execute logic from step 1 for each order that meets the appropriate requirements

Thx Denster but we are on a crunch for time and need to know the steps involved (specifically How To) if at all possible. I do appreciate your comment though!

There’s a function on the order to archive an order. Open the order in design mode and figure out how that works. This will give you the details of how to automate the process “archiving an order”. You’d create an object in which you would loop through the orders (processing only report, codeunit, a form/page with a button), and you’d program that to accept filter criteria, and execute the process one order at a time, until the looping is done.

This is exactly how I would tell a junior what to do to complete this task. This is a very simple task, and going deeper into what exactly needs to happen would mean almost doing it for you, which I am not inclined to do. If you are not able to do this, then I’d recommend you get in touch with your NAV partner and have them develop this process.

If you are on the RTC, you could promote the archive action to the top of the order list (for instance into the ‘Process’ action group), and maybe that will enable you to do this more quickly.

Sorry I was wrong - we are using NAV 5.0… I am under order Sales & Marketing > order processing > orders > and have a list pulled up of all sales orders. I would like to select which ones I can archive but dont see any action group buttons. Please forgive my ignorance.

Just looked at the properties of Archive Document from the SIngle Order function list and it is… undefined… kill me now…

Because you’re on 5.0, my bit about promoting actions won’t make sense.

It’s not undefined, it is done in C/AL code. When you’re looking at the menu designer of the Functions button, hit F9 to see the code.

Thx for the reply DenSter. When in Design mode and when I right-click the function button C/AL option is greyed out. Additionally, when I hit F9 or the C/AL Code button on the toolbar- nothing comes up. I also need to mention I am not using a developer license and just customer license- didn’t know if this matters but thought I should let you know. Sorry again this is dragging on so long- but your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Yes, you cant see code with Customer License…

You have to contact Partner…

But isn’t the C/AL code for this particular function (Archive Documents) the same on any installation? Could someone maybe provide this info? Sorry if I am being blunt lol, it’s just we are not financially capable of contacting a partner and only have what we were using 2 years ago. Can you say rock and hard place? Regardless of the outcome- thanks everyone for the help. This is an awesome forum.

Ok, so does anyone know of another way that I can select sales orders and archive instead of having to open each one individually and archive (without having a developer license or contacting a partner)? I’m desperate- please lol

So I did a lot of research and the Sales Post-Batch should archive a group of sales orders (let’s say in a specific date range) but since we are on NAV 5.0, it is my understanding that there isn’t a auto-archive option available- so I am back where I started lol

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in the standard application, so this would have to be developed. You don’t have the capability to do it with your license, so you will have to get your partner to do it for you. It’s either that, or purchase the developer granules yourself. It’s a fairly straightforward and simple modification, I don’t see it take more than maybe 2-4 hours, including writing up the specs, developing the functionality and running some tests.

I think everyone can sympathize with being cash-strapped, but surely you understand that we’re not here to provide free or charge development services.

Actually, the auto-archive code is in the posting routine, which gets executed as part of the batch invoice process.

It’s not a difficult piece to develop, but it DOES need to be developed. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to spend some money with your partner on a small development project, or if you want to spend the money having someone page through all of the orders and manually archive them.

Last question - it looks like if we upgrade to NAV 5.0 Service Pack 1 - we will gain all needed functionality as far as being able to add auto-archive once posted etc… Is this a straight forward upgrade and am I, as a user, even able to download the service pack? I would assume this would need to be installed on both the server and the workstations.

I don’t think you understand the process of upgrading. This is not just a matter of installing the software, it would also include merging any custom development in your system to the newer version, and depending on your version would also include data conversion. This is not a trivial matter, and should be done by your NAV partner.

Really, you need to get your partner involved and talk to them about your business needs. Have them help you map out a strategy and see what you want to do from there.

OK so I think I found something - promise I will leave u alone shortly lol… We used to use another Database when we were doing business under another name and I do see a sales-post batch in the job scheduler that used to run every 60 minutes (this is not running on our current db obviously). Is this what was Auto-Archiving the Sales orders? How can I tell what it was doing and most importantly- how it determined what to archive??? Lastly how do I transfer this job so it runs on new company database???

So NOW you’re saying that you already have a batch posting process that has the capability to auto archive… an important detail to leave out no?

In standard, out-of-the-box NAV, there is no standard report called “sales-post batch” and there is also no standard codeunit by that name. The standard batch process for posting sales orders is a report called “Batch Post Sales Orders” and there is one called “Batch Post Sales Invoices”. Neither one of those standard reports have any logic in them that automatically archives the order.

There’s an auto archive option in 5.0 SP1 which happens in codeunit 80, and I do not have a standard 5.0 database to see if it is available there. You can tell by a field called “Archive Quotes and Orders” in Sales & Receivables Setup.

It looks like you have a custom object there that does have this functionality, that used to be used in another database, but isn’t anymore. You do not have a license to look at the design of this object and you are asking us to solve your problem, for free. Even if someone would be willing to do this, we wouldn’t know how, because we don’t have access to your objects.

I will say this one more, one final, one last time. Pick up the phone, and call your NAV partner. They have access to your database, and are in the best position to help you out.

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