Archive Document Problem

Hi, I have a strange problem with the ‘Archive Document’ feature. We have the granule 5160 Interaction/Document Management which I understand gives us the ability to archive documents at the time of printing them. When bringing up the ‘Sales - Quote’ report criteria form it looks like on the Options tab, the ‘Archive Document’ check box is ticked depending on whether the granule has been detected as installed or not. However on our system some users have the box ticked and some do not. The strange thing is that if you run the form through the debugger the granule check function returns True and the box gets ticked. The next couple of times the form was run (in normal live running) the box was ticked but now it has gone back to un-ticked again. This only affects some users, not all. Any ideas? System : Navision 3.70, Navision Database Server, License on server Jonathan

Check the differences between the individual users’s setup. If the individual user do not have permission the system won’t allow them to create the archive, hence no need to suggest a ‘yes’

Oh - I meant the Permissions Setup, of cource Roles