AR sub-ledger to GL

The AR sub-ledger total is higher than the GL total.

How can I reconcile these in NAV 2009 ?


Are all customers grouped to the same G/L account?

no, some go to the CDN $ account while others go to the USD account.

Hi George,

Have you checked that the account is protected against direct postings? That no manual “adjustments” had been made? I caught my own auditor doing it a few years back, with the result that it didn’t balance.

A general rule of thumb is that G/L accounts used by sub-ledger posting groups should never have a “mark” in the “Direct Posting”. Except when setting up opening balances. Otherwise reconciliation becomes very problematic.


I checked the account card and indeed that box is check marked. I have unchecked it and will try to go back into the individual months and see if I can pinpoint any journal entries that were posted to the account.

thanks !

Hi again.

A quick way would be to set a filter on “System-Created Entry”, like:


I don’t think I have this filter feature in NAV 2009. If I do, I can’t find it.

Looks a little different, but you have the same “Advanced filters” for pages in NAV 2009. Also in the classic client just by Ctrl-F7.

Classic Client For The Win! :slight_smile:

yes I found it !
But unfortunately there were very few entries that were not system generated, so the G/L and subledger are still unequal.

thanks for your suggestion.

Another problem could be that you have several subledger posting groups point to the same g/l account. There is a function called “G/L Account Where Used List” in the G/L account (also 2009), which will show you if that is the case.

If that doesn’t help you along, then my last suggestion is to try to go a little back in time. I assume you reconciled last year? Then go forward and compare to find when they started not to balance.