AR Report showing all AR transactions

I have an AR user who requires all AR transactions such as, Payments, Invoices, Credit Memos, etc. for a monthly period. BUT…would prefer not to see Credit Memos that were used to fix an invoicing error. This report is used to show the banks our borrowing base at the end of each month. Is there something other than the “Customer Register”? We use that but it is tedious to export out to Excel and then clean it up.



Hi Susie,

First of all - how do you know the Credit Memos to filter out? - a different number series?

Do you have the Day Book Cust. Ledger Entry - report 10525 - you can filter on the Credit memos to print

Otherwise you could modify the customer register to acheive what you need.


That’s exactly the problem…We don’t know which Credit Memos to filter out. We have to manually go through them once the information is exported out to excel; this is what takes so much time. That said, I checked our reports and do not have “Day Book Cust. Ledger Entry - Report 10525”. Any other suggestions?

Thanks again…

Usually CMs used for corrections have Correction=YES - so you get clean STORNO, and by this mark you can distinguish such from “real” CMs.

But, if you exclude such from your report, errorenous Invoices will still remain and your balance will not be correct…

Hi Modris,

Are you sure about this - I don’t think the correction field is used anymore?


This field is really in standart not put on form - but it has always been so.

If you don’t bother your turnovers in accounts, you can use CM for both purposes - “real”, recieved from Vendor, and “correcting” to get rid of errorenous PI already posted.

Some accountants, however, prefer to use red storno for corrections - that means, if error was Db 100, they record not Cr 100, but Db -(minus)100. Balance doesn’t change in both cases, but turnover changes. And Correction=Yes field does just this, as you know.

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