Can I know how to pay to customers and how to receive for vendors

Ex:- Basically mine F. service company

  1. Generally we pay the cash or check to customers and

  2. We receive the payments from Vendors

For the above scenario can any one tell me the which journals can we take (But the amount should go to Receivable and Payable accounts)


In each of the cases above, select the appropriate module (i.e either AR or AP)

Go into the journals window and click on Payments

Click on payment journal

enter the required information

click on the Lines button and enter the payments

You can validate and post after u make entries


I want to post vendor receipt which journal i have to select and i want to pay customer which journal i have to choose in ( Payment i need to generate check and receipt i want to deposit slip)

Hi Rupesh,

If you are a end user, please go through appropriate training material provided by your partner. Journal posting is the simplest task but it has many setup behind it and you should know in advance before posting.

If you are a consultant, go through chapter 9 for AP and chapter 11 for AP of FIN 1, AX 2009 for details journal posting.

That’s the best thing i can suggest you.