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here is one feild in AR payment journals line “Payment Status”, what is that feild and why we are using that. When i am using this payment journal and validating the journal, system throw me the error something “payment journal is not at the received status”. But when i am passing the same journal at different client is OK with the status"None".

Can explain me is it so. Does this feild have some setup



It does not have any setup . Depend upon the transaction , system will change the status automatically for few transactions and for few transaction user need to change it manually . None – The status of the line at the start of the process. Sent – Select when the payment or check is generated. Received – Select when the bank informs you that it has received a file (if the bank has agreed to inform you about this). Approved – Select when the payment is approved. Reuse – Select to reuse the check number for the payment. For example, if the check was damaged during printing, you can use the same check number to print on a new check. Rejected – Select when the payment is rejected.

process mean which process.

Actually what i am doing is after creating the sales invoice going in the Payment journal, and clicking on the “enter customer payments” putting the amount of the cheque.and click “save in journal”

here the payment status is none (or what should be the status) or what should be the payment status.

When you check the AP module, in set up field there is a option called “Methods of Payment”

Under method of payment " Option called “Payment Status”.

As per the settings in Method of Payment, the payment journal status will show None or Sent or Rejected.

Thanks mansoor

Thanks Mansoor,

Can u explain me why we are using this feild, waht is the whole concept behind this feild. And also i go through the help file but i didnt get it.