AR Payment Data

I just want to know in which table AR Payment data going to stored.

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Well it depends on what exactly you need. It will update both the customer and ledger related transactions, if bank is involved it will update the bank related tables.

Example: CustTrans, BankAccountTrans…

You haven’t mentioned about the AX version as well.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Hi Kranti,

is it stored in LedgerJournalTrans?

The for ledger transaction - LedgerTrans

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one more thing can you please tell me on posting a sales order the details from SalesTable & SalesLine get transferred to which table. OR What are the Table effected on posting a sales order.

The again depends on the document status.

Example: for Invoice → CustTrans, CustTransOpen, CustInvoiceJour, CustInvoiceTrans, LedgerTrans…

You can really start debugging to find more details,

The posting gets initiated by the SalesFormLetter classes.

SalesFormLetter_Invoice for invoice

salesFormLetter_packingSlip for packing slip…