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Hi All,

I am unable to allocate credit note SCN0000####. Transaction has been marked for settlement another user.
when i check on this, found that its falls under spectrans, why this transaction falls under Spectrans? can any1 explain it to me? in AOT > Data Dictionary > Tables > SpecTrans. Right click on SpecTrans and choose Add-ins, then Table Browser. here’s where the line is.
Removing the records from this table or through the AOT will solve my prob but does it safe to do this way?
pls advise.



The SpecTrans table contains records relating transactions for the settlement and settlement reversal processes. Records are deleted after being processed.

If some one already marked for settlement, ask him to unmark.

else to unmark from backend …

delete the records from spectrans based on specrecid and refrecid relations…

It is a safe way.

Hi Chaitanya Aedula,

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

shan :slight_smile:


  1. how can i trace the user who locked the transaction in open transaction editing?

  2. if the transaction locked by other user, n i delete the transaction in AOT, will it effect the user from using the journal?