AR & AP Aging Report in Add'n Reporting Currency

Hello, Question 1: We are a USD company w/ an Additional Reporting Currency in CDN $. We have Addn’ Reporting currency turned on in GL Setup. I have not been able to figure out how to generate an AP or AR Aging report in CDN equivalent currency which ties back to the CDN Equiv GL. USD Aging report seems OK as it is tying back to GL in USD. We are also running Adj Exch Rate batch job to revalue Add’n reporting currency for GL and subledgers at the end of the month. Question 2: We have a CDN currency company which reports in CDN $ so Add’n reporting currency is NOT turned on in this company. We do have some USd customers and Vendors. Problem: After running the Adj Exch Rate for Cust Vendor & Banks, I am unable to generate an AR or AP Aging report for USD cust & vendors in CDN $ that ties back to the GL. Any tips & recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  1. AR and AP aging report can only print in company’s currency, or in customer’s or Vendor’s Currency. and that is a check box on the report. 2. I don’t know enough about the Adj Exch Rate for cust. vend. and bank. to tell you why you can’t reconsile.