Approver cannot approve their own transaction


would like to know whether this is possible, i have the below workflow

Makers - user who submit transaction for approval

Approvers- user who approve the submitted transaction

they will be cases where the approver will “act” as maker and submit for approval, in this case, i wouldn’t want the user to approve his/her own trx, is there a way we could configure this in BC workflow?

Thanks in advance


I would recommend using Power Automate to create this approval workflow. Below is a link to a video demonstrating Power Automate and Workflow Approval. It is not exactly your scenario, but you can create on with the appropriate filters.

Hope this helps.



You can use workflows in BC where the dollar limits do not apply. This requires settings the workflow to use Direct Approver not Approval Hierarchy. Each user must have an Approver that is not his/herself.