Approved production order - reschedule materials

I have the following situation:

I have approved a planned production order. After that I change the workcenter for one or more operations. After that I’d like to reschedule the materials’ transfers to the warehouse of the new workcenter.

However, they are still scheduled to their initial workcenter after running master planning.

I have tried both with dynamic and static master plans with no results (dynamic master plan - planning principle set to Net requirements). If I run the static master plan from the production order, the system generates a new planned production order.

I am assured that the item coverage in the item master is set properly for the warehouse of the newly selected workcenter. The workcenter has a correct warehouse setup.

What am I missing?

You are rescheduling the work centre, but are you altering the warehouse on the BOM line or are you using work centre consumption?

What is your marking set to?

I change the workcenter from the route in the production order. Yes, I do use “Work Center Consumption” - it is checked for every single BOM line.

Which marking parameter do you mean? Under master planning parameters → Standard Update. I have tried with Update Marking set to “NO”, “Standard” and “Extended”.

Again, I run master planning from the production order with dynamic master plan - tried with “net changes minimized” and “net changes”. “Regeneration” deletes the planned orders and creates a new planned production order with attached planned purchase orders.

Sorry with this reply I am not sure what is working what is not and where the issues are. [:D]

Hi Adam,

Would you need more info regarding the setup for better understanding?

Probably [:D]

It does not schedule material to a work centre, it schedule it to a warehouse.

So you have marking in planning set to whatever?

You create a manual production order - not linked to ANY requirement?

You have the BOM set to work centre consumption.

You have set up production units linking work centres to warehouses

You alter the warehouse on the production order.

Re-planning does not alter the suggested replenishments?

  1. Materials have default order (purchase and inventory) warehouses set.

  2. Yes, I’ve tried setting the marking parameter from master planning parameters form to all the possible choices.

  3. The planned production order is generated from a Sales order initially with a Regeneration principle of the Dynamic Master Plan.

  4. BOM lines are all set to Consumption at Work Center.

  5. Production units to attached to the workcenters are properly set. Also the warehouse is set on the workcenter itself

  6. Yes, I alter the workcenter from the already firmed production order (Production Order → Route form, for each opearation).

  7. Re-planning (dynamic master plan with Net requirements principle) does NOT alter the purchase order warehouse. Instead it always purchase it at the default order warehouse. However, if I make change in the quantity of a material (from Production Order → BOM form), it does generates action and future messages as it should be.

I even tried removing the default order warehouse, and setup just coverage (from Item Master → Setup → Coverage) for the needed warehouses.

Hi K.II.,

From what I understand what you did was following:

  • You change the workcenter in Production Route.

If understood rigth, you should change the workcenter in the Route of the item register in question instead of Production Route.


Murilo Oliveira

I disagree with this, the production route is a reflection of where it will be made, the static item record is of no relevance once in production - it is like saying if I add a line to the pick journal planning should ignore it. It should not.

What I am not sure of is the steps. You would need to reschedule the order - you have not said you do this, but you do say the change of quantity will replan, but otherwise not. Have you reported this back to MS? I would need to set it up and try it, not had this combination before, and at the moment I do not have the time, I will try and get around to it.

Hi Murilo,

Adam is right - the production route and production BOM are specific just for the production order itself and changes made in the production reflect ONLY the production itself. Changes made in the production route or BOM do not reflect in already existing production orders.

Adam, I will report this to Microsoft. Should you have development on this issue, please keep it posted. I will update the topic, should I find a resolution.

K.II and Adam,

You’ll excuse me but for me it worked. I don’t know if understood right the problem but it worked. I perfomed two test:

  1. I changed warehouse on the Production BOM. Result: Did not work.

  2. I changed warehouse on the Item BOM. Result: The MP gerenerated the planned order for the warehouse that to insert in the Item BOM.

Again, excuse me,

Murilo Oliveira

Hi Murilo

It is not a decision of BOM design, it is a capacity/make decision. The decision is not taken at an item level, the production controller decides to move this ONE production order. Altering the Production BOM should impact on planning, it will on other levels, as the poster states it works if they alter the quantity, but if the source destination or the demand alters planning ignores it. This is an issue if it works like this because you need the flexibility in some industries to impact on specific orders in this manner.

Your suggestion works from a data perspective, but it does not work from a practical processing perspective.