Approved for Testing Warehouse, Intermediate product handling

We are trying to change a process that is messy - a chicken and egg situation. We have a Product A that goes into making Product B. In order to approve Product A a small portion of it is allocated to make a sample of Product B. If the Product B passes the quality test then Product A is approved and can be moved into inventory.

Currently we are using two quarantine orders, and splitting the one order for Product A. It was suggested that we create another “Approved for Testing” Warehouse. But we don’t necessary use all of Product A right away, so we have this split quarantine order hanging open.

The idea would be that when the production order for Product A is reported as finish, the item would automatically be moved into this “Approved for Testing Warehouse”. Then a small amount could be allocated for a production order for Product B. When the Quality order/Quarantine order for Product B is ended, the rest of that batch of Product A can be moved into inventory.

The requirements for the warehouse would be. 1) It requires manual allocation (into the Product B production order, into inventory) 2) would not allow AX to automatically allocate from the warehouse 3) does not initiate a quarantine order.

I am trying to find out how to designate a warehouse/what settings that would meet these requirements. Or if someone has another idea on how to handle this kind of process flow in AX.