Approval Request Error

Hi All,

I have attempted to configuree document approvals but I get an error so far, when I :

There is no Approval Entry within the filter.

Filters: Table ID: 38, Document Type: Order, Document No.: PO-00001.

The error occurs when I try to Send an Approval Request from a Purchase Order.

I have set up all that I understand must be setup. I cant tell what exactly is causing this error.

Some one with the experience?

Kindly look at the following link. This might help you

Hi Eddy,

In this case the approval template is probably correctly set up (otherwise it would miss the template for the specified record), but there are no approval entries created.

Can you check whether the user who tries to start the approval process is set up in the user table and has either an approver ID (if the approval type is approver) or a purchaser (if the approval type is purchaser) assigned?

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