Approval Process


In Approval Process send the approval request and mail is populated with Sales Template In approver Id Mail. All the detail of Sales header in approval template client want the some details of sales line table in that template. I see the code that function ApprovalsMgtNotification.SendSalesApprovalsMail(SalesHeader,ApprovalEntry) use a function **fillsalestemplate(Body,CharNo,SalesHeader,ApprovalEntry,0).**In this function add the sales line details How can I add this.

Other one is Approval send to the Approver but approver have some doubt and send the request to the other. Firstly third person approve the document then second. This functionality available are not. In system firstly second person approved then send to the third person for approval.


hi sunil,

Option 2: For AX2012, have a functionality called “Request to change”. once the user (2nd) send request to change (3rd), first 3rd will approve then automatically againt come to 2nd.