Approval Hirarchy limits


for one purchase order can i know how many approval hirarchy limits available ?

that means how many persons can approve that purchase order ?

is it 1 0r 2 0r 3 0r 4.

Please let me know.


Approver and Substitute

Thanks Raj,

I worked on Nav 4.0 sp3 Multilevel authorization functionality.

I did not have a chance to work on this Document approval functionality.

Here when user click the button send for Approval , what approver will get a message or mail ?

(In 4.0 sp3 approver will get a message ,)

can i know about that one .

Never tried to use that really, but Approval hierarchy is not limited to 1 approver only - at least in WhatsNew manual there are examples with 2 levels - Manager for up to 100K, then CFO with unlimited Amt.

So, its not limited even to 2 levels - but I can’t imagine such a bureaucratical environment, where that’s still not enough [:D]

BTW - Doc.Approval was introduced only in v5 - or I’ve missed something?

Yes Modris,

It was introduced in NAV5 only.

Thanks Modris,

So that means system will allow to approve the same purchase order by 4 Persons in standard Navision Product.

( that means First A will approve, next B will approve, Next C will approve , Later D will approve the same purchase order )

is it right?

when it comes indian Localization Nav 4.0 Sp3 has document approval concept - that name is Multilevel Authorization.

Yes, as long we speak about common v5 and up versions - but don’t ask me how to set it up, I’ve only read about this in course material I quoted [;)]

As for Indian v4 SP3 and it’s Multilevel Authorization - I don’t have any info, but seems it was included there for reasons, that v5 Indian was released with great delay and should be the same bunch of objects from v5…

PS Course materials can be obtained:

  • at CustomerSource free of charge, while customer is on active maintenace plan;
  • at PartnerSource free of charge by Training Partners;
  • ordered at PS for some fee by “normal” Partners.


At one of our client I did that and 4 level of hierarchy I have maintained. It can be done.



Hi Madukar,

one of my client is asking the same way that means one purchase orde should approve by Approver 1, approver 2, approver 3, Approver 4.(one by one).

so could you throw some information how to maintain this in Document Approval .

Do i need to do any customization or standard .

could u throw some light on this.