Approval Hierarchy

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone out there has developed an add-on for approval hierarchy? Most ERP applications have them but not Attain. Why? [:(]

Patrick, I was part of a team on a project where we had to build in approval hierarchy. Basically we wrote a mod whereby depending on the cost of the purchase order, certain personnel had to approve before it could be passed / ordered. Is this what you meant?

Hi Connull, Yeah, that’s basically what I’m looking for. Does yours include an e-mail alert to the approver when the PO has been submitted for approval? And how complicated is your approval hierarchy setup? We are currently thinking on how we could do ours. I guess it comes down to how complex we want it to be.

The solution we built was quite extensive but as with most solutions in Navision, not complicated (if you know what you’re doing) [:D] Yes, emails were sent - the actual details I cannot remember specific details. I’ll find out more for you.

Hi PAtrick, There is a new developement called ‘workflow’ which takes care of approval hierarchy and even sends prompts on Log in. This is being offered by most NTRs.I feel it will be there as a standard feature in the next version of Attain.Pl. inquire with yr. NTR. DD

Can Erik or anyone else confirm what Dharmendra mentioned? The Service Request will take some time before I get a reply. [:D]

Patrick, From what I heard, 3.70 doesn’t have a great deal more functionality - it is mainly bug fixing of 3.60. Anyone else heard anything about 3.70? [?]

Hi Patrick, I can develop this for you. I can analyse on this requirement and this can be integrated with 3.60 workflow authorization granules. We have worked on the similar task with our own local package. Contact me and send details to Thanks and regards.

Dharmendra, just got a confirmation for MBS-SEA that there will not be any workflow on approval hierarchy in the next release.

Navision India as part of its localization was developing the Workflow management module. It has not been released as yet. It is supposed to be catering to your kind of requirement.It will be quite a work if you intend to develop a genric workflow or hierrachy based approval system. However buiding specific rule based workflow is not difficult and we developed it for one of our customer.