Approval for debtors/customers

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to include the approval of new customers as well as changes to the customers table as part of the approval process?

This is one of the client’s requests and we are using NAV 2013 R2.

Any insight on how this may be accomplished will be appreciated.


Hi Nicholas,

This is not supported by the standard because only sales and purchase documents are included. It is also quite complex, so this cannot be implemented with a few lines of code.

We developed an advanced approval module for a few customers that allow approvals of customers and vendors on record and field level (e.g. new approval only required if payment terms or credit limits are changed).

Let me know if that is interesting for you and whether you would like additional information.

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Hi Felix,

Thanks very much for the feedback.

Yes, that sounds like a good alternative solution to the problem. The client’s main concern is that they did not want certain fields (such as the credit limit field) being altered without the executives being aware of the changes and having the option to approve them.

Let me know if you need my email address to send through some material that may solve the problem.

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You can add one Boolean field in User Setup and on that basis you can make field editable,visible to specific writing code on form …

Thanks Amol! That seems like it would work for restricting certain users from editing the field, which is great. However, the changes that are made by the few users that do have access to make changes will still need to be sent for approval. The information should only be updated once the changes have been approved. If the changes are rejected, the information should remain unchanged.

Then you can add one more Boolean field in Customer Card as Send for Approval and provide one button for sending it for Approval

For Approver provide one list of customer which is not yet approved and let approver approve it .

Till the time approver not approve it not allow user to select that customer in any transaction.

Hi Nicholas,

There is an add-on piece of software called AgilesWorkflow, and one of the workflows it comes with is New Customer.

I think easier than have a developer create code for this - just my opinion :slight_smile:



Thanks Amol. That might work, but the client still needs to be able to select the customer even if the new values are pending approval. If the new values are approved, they are updated if they are rejected, the values do not change.

Hi James,

Thanks very much for the info! I will have a look at it and we will consider it if we cannot develop anything in-house that will solve the problem.

Unfortunately, we are on a tight budget and need to try and develop what we can in order to keep the costs down.

Many Thanks,