Appointment Outlook Automation NAV 5

Hi developers,

I have just created an appointment from NAV but I’m having a few obstacles.

  • I create it to start one day with OLAppointmentItem.Start(dateIni);
  • I want it to finish another with OLAppointmentItem.End(dateFin);… but it says that “End” is not a record var, but I’ve inserted it with the C/AL Symbol Menu so it exists !. ¿?
  • Anybody knows what’s the property to indicate the time of start and end?, I just can’t find it, all appointments start at 00:00

Note: the second problem is not more important because I can use the “Duration” property.

Thank u so much !! [:D]

It’s quite some time ago since you posted this question, but your post still stand as open. Have you found an answer or solved your problem?

If yes, then I would hope that you would share the solution with the rest of the user group as I think many members would get value from the answer, so that we can close the topic and mark it as Answered.

If no, then maybe you can add a bit more information to the question, so that other members maybe are able to answer your question.

Thank you.