Applying vendor ledger entries, refreshing the journal

Hello all! I am new to this site, and I am hoping some of you more experienced guys can help me out…

I made a beginner’s mistake and did not apply a credit memo to a document before printing the check.

I received a credit memo from a vendor, and I entered it into Nav as a credit memo so that it would be there next time I went to pay them an invoice. Then I eventually did get an invoice to pay, and when I did the posting & printing of the purchase order, the credit memo showed up as well, and the check was written for the difference. Yay! Not…

Now I am stuck in the Payment Journal because I failed to APPLY the credit memo to the invoice before hand. Using the help window, I walked myself though doing it via the vendor card, so now in the Vendor Ledger Entries, it shows that only the invoice is open and the credit memo is not open.

But I am still stuck in the Payment Journal as it doesn’t refresh to show that the entry was applied, and when I try to post all the checks I printed I get the error message that “Document No. 33395 is out of balance by 3,048. Please check that the Posting Date, Document No and Amount are correct for each line.” (Same error message I was getting before).

Thanks for any hints you can give me! I am using Nav 4.0 SP1.

The error has nothing to do with the application of creditmemo/invoice/payment. It clearly means that the debit and credit for the payment journal does not match and have a difference of 3048/-.

Thanks for replying!

You would think that, but it does balance, and the journal even says Total Balance 0.00 at the bottom. There are three lines in the journal, though, instead of two. There is a line for the credit memo, a line for the invoice, and the line for the check written. I am thinking that if I had done it right (applied the CM to the PIV before doing the checks), then it might have shown up as two identical amounts, in and out. Right now, the CM + the INV = the check, but NAV still says out of balance.