Applying Payment at Product level

Hi, In standard Attain ( any navision version) we apply Payment to an Invoice. Did anyone customise their sytem to apply payment at product level ? The main functionality is to allow the user to specify what products have been paid on an invoice if the payment is partial payment. i can re phrase the problem if you want me to eloborate it.

Hi, I have tried out this on a client, who had it customized the way u mentioned and its sounds dizzy though… especially to do with VAT Amount part and Base Amount part. Usually when u calculate VAT per line sum up to A and VAT per invoice is B. Mostly there is a minor rounding difference in decimals. Later i futher enhanced it to VAT Amount for payment per VAT group of selected lines to payment, this got me atleast very close to the decimal difference…very minor (0.01 to 0.03). Now i have a batch job report to run every month to detect these Relealized Vs. Un-Realized VAT for invoices which are completey closed. Then i have optionized this batch to generate Gen. Journal’s for this imbalance, which has to be posted once generated too… Looks like its a get around …never endup with a perfet solution… Hope it helps u… cheers, JHC

Hi, For each line of sales transation present in value entry table, u can find a customer ledger entry and Vat Entry(With Document no.). Calculate the proportion for both the amounts with total amount in cust ledger entry and sales amount in value entry. same u need to do for vat amount and then u need to deduct the proportionate remaining amount. This will give u the amount paid against that value entry. Cheers