Applying Item Ledger Entries

Is there a way to apply open Item Ledger Entries to other open Item Ledger Entries without going though the item journal and making adjustments? We have a bunch of open Item Ledger Entries where the Purchases did not apply to the sales properly because of some erroneous reservations. Not we want to go back and apply the sales to the purchases to close the entries. Is there a way to do this?



You would need to have a process created to do this. Its quite simple, but out of the box its not possible.

Hi David -

Thanks for the reply. To create the process - is it simply a matter of creating Item Application Entries for the Ledger Entries and then closing the Ledger Entries or is there more to it than that?

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Basically in CU22 there is a function ApplyItemLedgEntry. This needs to be made global. Then just run a report though the open item ledger entries and call this function.

By the way, I have moved this to the developer forum, since it is no longer an enduser question.
Note that this requires access to development tools, and a very good understnading of how Navision costing works, so this really is a job for your NSC.