Applying filters to Page based on Query

Hi everyone,

For one of my customers, the item list was running very slowly…so I designed a query and a page based on that query to display the list of items available in his database…

I noticed then that when I try to apply filters to the items list page(limit totals to…), the filters do not apply…

For example, the value of the field inventory does not change when I apply a date filter…

What shall I do??

Do I have to modify the page or the query???

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi Poppins,

If your Customer list is too long and if its taking too much time to load then you can make another alternative create a sql view attache it to NAV table using “LinkedObject”. in that sql view you do your calculations and add the fields which you want. this will surely reduce your time of execution.


Marshal. J