Applying expenses to posted Sales invoices

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Is there any way we can apply an expense related to a job to already posted sales invoice like wht we do for applyg customer and vendor ledger entries.

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You don’t apply an expense to the invoice directly, you apply the expense to the job.

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Thanks for the reply. Here the client has got some jobs to which expenses are posted to journals and also thru purchase invoices. So they raise a Sales invoice for these expenses .At the time of raising the sales invoice the expenses are applied . but the real prob is the client may get the expenses which has to be applied to the posted sales invoice i e after the invoice is posted he’d like to apply some expenses to those posted invoices. Is there any way we can do it.

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If expense is external (you have Purchase Invoice), it can be applied to Posted Sales Invoice - if that solves your problem.

PI line then must be “Charge(Item)”, then in form Line/Item Charge assignment use Function/Get Sales Shipments…

Hope this helps, hovever it doesn`t cover all possible situations…

There might be some miscommunication here…

You cannot apply an expense to an specific invoice. You can assign expenses to a job or a dimension. If your customer would like to bill the expenses to the job with the invoice generated already, they will need to create another sales invoice to bill out those additional expenses.

You cannot change a posted invoice after it’s been posted.