Applying Customers Invoiuces/Credit Memos to Payment in Version 4 - No Service Packs

Hi Forum, I have applied a number of Invoices and Credit Memos to a Payment and althought the balance on screen said the remaining amount on the payment entry was 1006.72 when I post Application, the payment has a remaining amount of 540.74. Does anyone know if there is a bug in this function or a reason as to why the remaining amount of the payment is not what was expected. There is no currency involved and payment discounts did not apply. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul

I am not aware of any bug and it is a little difficult to say without seeing the data really.

However can you check the applies screen - are they all correctly applied? Do you know what the remaining amount should be? Have any of the credits been applied to invoices rather than the payment? Are all of the credits actually credit amounts?

I had a problem with this in V4 about a year ago, but I am pretty sure currency was involved. Perhaps one of the total screens was reading from the line and not from my work, I honestly cannot remember! Has it happened again with a simple example?

Hi Steve, as far as I can see they are all applied correctly and no credits have been applied to invoices and all credits are credits (-). The customer paid in a cheque for 13,553.91 (NB…The cheque was for less than the Customer owed so there would be a remaining amout of 1006.72). All the invoice and credit memos needed applying to this payment so I did a CTL + F9 against the payment for 13,553.91 and then did F9 against all the invoices and credit memos this payment applied to. Before posting, the Balance on the Apply Customer Entries screen said the balance was 1006.72 which it should be so I did the Post Application. When I then look at the remaining balance on the payment there is a remaining amount of 540.74. Very Strange

The same thing happens in Version 4 SP3 and in version 5. It would appear that the problem lies in the Credit Memos. At the time of Post Application Navision is ignoring the Credit Memos so the only work around is to firstly apply the Credit memos to an invoice and then secondly, apply the invoices to the payment although in general navision functionality Credit memos should really be applied to refunds.

Just for Information, this is a bug and Microsoft are going to look at fixing it. The bug is either in Form 232 or the posting routine.

Thanks for the update Paul.

For some reason I seem to be missing some posts on my active since last logon list, so I have completely missed you replies! My apologies!

Hi Steve, no worries. I thought it important to mention in the forum incase anyone else has this problem. I have been informed by MBS support in Hamburg that it has been escalated to the Developement Team.

don’t hold your breath, it is a bug that has been around for at least a year and half for us.

Hi David, the Escalation Engineer said that the reported issue was not logged as a request for hotfix or as a service pack but as a Collaboration Request. Not certain as to what this means exactly but maybe they will do something about it now. But as you suggested, I wont hold my breath. Have a good one…Paul

what that means is they are leaving the bug in for other user to experience, because the end user is not really that important.

they will fix it for you.

Hi David,

cynical BUT true. They arn’t, or as they put it, " it would require a lot to implement this logic and is not covered by the current design". So I will stick to the work around if this happens again. The support guy in Hamburg really tried his best but his hand were tied…Paul