Applying Customer Entries

Hi guys, When I do a Post Application (Application through Customer Ledger entries) I have problem where the system creates some very funny application. Case 1: I can apply invoice to an invoice, this will reduce the Remaining amount on one and increase the other. But I can do this only when I cumulatively apply One Payment to 2 invoices Inv 1 ---- 100,000 Inv 2 ---- 25,000 Paymt 1 — 110,000 When I apply these, the result I expect is Invoice 1 0, inv 2 15000 but when I look at the Detailed Cust. ledger then I am totally confused. Even when I look at applied entries it is confusing. Case 2: I can apply a payment to a credit memo. and Invoice together. Internally the system increases remaining amout on credit memo and can apply to a different invoice. TO recreate this, Make a Payment on the customer 10000 and then in the customer ledger select a multiple lines with Set applies to ID and post application.

When applying the entries were you sitting on the one of the invoice lines instead of being on the payment line. Remember in Navision the line you are on will be the line that is applied to the other entries.