Applying a third dimension on Account Schedules

I have set up budgets that have 3 dimension filters - the two Global filter and one additional. The third dimension is set as the ‘Budget Dimension 1 Code’. So I have: Global Dimension 1 = Division Global Dimension 2 = Location Shortcut Dimension 3 = Salesperson => set as Budget Dimension 1 Code. Having set all the budgets, I want to do budget vs. actual analysis in the account schedules. I see that I can set a flow filter on the account schedule lines for the two Global dimensions, but how do I set the filter to see budget against actual for my salesperson dimension? The only other options on the flowfilter are dimension 3 filter and dimension 4 filter - but it isn’t clear what these are or where I can set them. It seems to imply that they are related to Analysis views but as far as I am aware there is no such link. How can I set a filter for my shortcut/budget dimension 3 on the account schedule?? Many thanks,

Hi Adam I think the link is from the Analysis view name from the name of the account schedule (field 4), where you can define 4 dimensions. In Cronus the CAMPAIGN Analysis view has four dimensions specified (it is set against the CAMPAIGN Account schedule) and this brings the four defined dimensions back as totalling columns. Does this help? Steve

Hi Adam, you have to link an Analysis View Name to your Account Schedule. 1 Open your Account Schedule, 2 LookUp the field Account Schedule Name, in the Accound Schedule Names form you can see the field Analysis View Name, 3 LookUp the Analysis View Name, now you are in the Analysis View List where you can define the 4 dimensions you need. Elena

Thank you both - Problem solved. How did I miss that?[:I]