Applying a Partial Payment to a Posted Invoice


I am getting lost with this issue.

It is about a foreign purchase. At the time of PO approval, we have to make a down payment to the foreign vendor. The PO is confirmed by signing the proforma invoice received from the vendor.

When the items are received at store some days later, I will post my PO: Receive and Invoice option is selected.

The problem am actually faced with is how to apply the downpayment I have previously made to the posted invoice.





You just go to the vendor ledger entries and apply the payment to the invoice.



You could also modify the purchase order form to include the application details as in Credit Memos.

Then select applies to doc. type Payment then select the Doc. no. while posting the order.

I think what you mean to say is:

On the Purchase order Form, add the fields “Applies to document type” and “applies To Document No”. Now when you enter the Payemnt intot he Check journal or payment journal, go back to the Vendor Purchase order, adn set the fields to :
“Applies to document type” = PAYMENT;
“applies To Document No”. = Document No of the Check or payment.

Now when the Purchase order has been posted the paymen tis automatically applied.

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You got it right on the fields to add on the purchase order form.

When posting the purchase order as recieved & invoiced, you don’t need to go to the payment journal,just on the purchase order concerned on Applies to Doc. No field will give you the open entries one of which is the advance payment for this purchase order.