Applying a hotfix , update rollup

Hey everyone,

one of the users recently complained about the error he has been receiving , when i dig in i found out that it is a bug and microsoft has released an update roll up for the same and a hotfix has to be applied.

Anyone have any previous experience applying a hotfix separately? or even a total update rollup?

Please share your experience and the points to consider.


We always apply latest Update Rollup’s which will resolve lot of bugs automatically.

are you facing any issue?

Yes, i identified an issue and it is a bug for which i need to do a update rollup.

My question was, for my specific issue can we apply a hotfix?

And if I have to do a update rollup, can you share a guide or some personal experience which might help doing a update rollup.

You can apply a specific fix also.

adding update rollup is like normal merge for application changes and you need to replace the dll’s if there are any modifications.