Applying a 15% discount to each line of a customer invoice.

Can anyone tell me if they know how to apply a discount, say 15% to every line item of a sales order for particular customers? ie. Customer John Doe, always gets 15% off every item. I do not want to apply a invoice discount as this affects margin and want the customers to see there discount on each line. I have multiple customers that get “special discount pricing”.

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Open Item Card and select Item Discount Group field.

Click Lookup and select any existing Discount Group is created or Create a new one

Add above Discount Group on all Items

Now click Line Discounts for Sales

and there select customer and Type as Item Disc. Group and Code as above given Discount Group and Enter Line discount %

Hi Jeannie,

Creating “Sales Discount” will help for Customer and Item Discount Group will solve your issue. Mohana explained it very nicely above.

Thank you for the reply. However, I am not sure that this is what I am looking for? I don’t want to create a discount group for all customers, only for a specific set of customers.

ie. Dr. Smith orders apples and I give him a 15% discount. Only he gets this discount. I would like the invoice to show

Apples $1 15% discount .85

I believe if I use the method of Item discount group that it will give all customers this discount?

In this case, you have to go to each customer card and select Sales–>Line discounts and enter Type and Code