Apply-to Item Entry

The end user forgot to apply a specific entry in the Apply-to Item Entry field, then when they post the Sales Order, the system will according the costing method, which is FIFO, to deduct stock. Therefore the statistics for the entry is wrong and the item-ledger entries that applied by the system also wrong. How should I reverse the entries out?

Firstly you can not reverse the transaction itself. You will need to amend the statistics by posting correcting/adjusting entries. Admit I’m not exactly clear the best way to do this - perhaps using revaluation or reclassification journals - Anyway that was not the reason for reply… If you do not want a FIFO costing method, then use a different costing method. Maybe you could introduce batch or serial numbering and use specific costing [?] Unfortunatley, I don’t think you can change the costing method once you have active postings on an item so you’ll need new item records. …sorry, don’t think this is an easy one to resolve.