Apply template - In Item / Vendor/ customer


what is the use of the Apply Template In Item card, vendor card .

Vendor card - > Functions - > Apply Template
Item card - > Functions - > Apply Template

How can we use this in implementation Process.


If a company has been created with the RIM toolkit, the database contains a number of company-specific data templates for selected record types, such as item card, purchaser card, and customer card. The main purpose of the data templates relate to the batch implementation of new master data records based on data migration, but the templates can also be used in daily tasks by using the Apply Data Template function from the card and then selecting an appropriate template type from the list.

Basically create a template, create a new customer with teh number, select fucntions and apply template and it creates the customer/vendor/item for you.

2009 only I believe.

Concept was introduced in v5 already - but it really took me 15 min to find HOW to open Form 8618 Data template header, which is used for creating these templates within Navision… It appeared to be: Administration / AppSetup / General / Setup Master templates.

Its most used in implementation process as Partner “tool”, as AdamRoue already said, and is rarely used afterwards by Enduser, as mechanism still has its drawbacks and shortcomings.

example - I created Item template with some default values, including Base UoM being KG - this results in error message, because Item UoM must first be created, what “Apply template” does NOT do… So you must know earlier what data where are physically stored, and what can be therefore be included in these Templates.