Apply multiple payments through purchase header screen


Is it possible to apply to multiple payments through purchase header screen while posting the invoice like the one we have righnow , applies to doc type and no but it can only apply to one payment.

are you talking about having prepayments? sounds like your payments have already been entered at the time of invoicing?

is this correct?

If so it’s pretty easy to just go into the vendor card after invoicing and go to functions->apply entries->f9 what you want to apply & post

yes the payments are already posted before invoice.

Here i would like to know if there are two advance payments pertaining to that particular invoice which are posted before then how can I apply those two payments to that particular invoice while posting the invoice. I have seen that only one payment can be appied in the applies to doc. no field in header but how abt if more that one payment has to be applied someting like ‘Applies to ID’ what we do from the vendor card. but thing is I’d like to do it from the invoice screen not from the vendor card.

I have seen an option called apply entries in the purchase credit memo though I did not understand how it works. how abt the same option in the purchase order screen.