Apply Entries - Version 4

Not sure if it is a known issue. Certainly a problem in version 4 SP1, I haven’t yet checked version 4. Form 232 correctly uses the key “Customer No.,Open,Positive …” when first opened. However, when an applying entry is chosen it changes the key used on the form to “Entry No.” which causes a sequential search. If the form is opened it looks for an existing applying entry and if one is found it again changes the key to “Entry No.”, resulting in a sequential search. You can only drink so much tea! I commented out the two instances of SETCURRENTKEY(“Entry No.”) and all is well. Form 233 suffers from the same ailment. It must have slipped through the QA net.

Most of the QA tests are probably carried out using CRONUS which contains too little data for something like this to be noticed. This is of course only speculation. Anyway, it was already there in 4.0. Not sure if it has been reported.

This sounds like a left over from the use of MARK. But its not done that way now is it?