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My problem is about appy entries in Local currency. In Nav 2009 for both customer ledger entry and vendor ledger enrty- when applying two transactions in LCY (Currency field is empty), system creates 2 GL entries for Receivables account of the customer -one debit and one credit with the same amount. I am sure it was not like this in 4.03. In 4.03 system was creating GL entries with zero amount in some cases but not all the time.

These entries is trouble for me because of legal reports. Legally I have to report and explain if necessary all transactions in GL entry and these transactions have no reason. And also when you unapply it creates reverse transactions, when you apply again it creates again and so on. Can anybody help me about this problem?

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This is happening when you are unapplying the transactions then navision that Navision create unnecessary entries which final impact is zero but we need to explain this to Auditor.

This problem has been gone in Navision 2013.


Amol is right. These entries are always created (not only by application in LCY) and always amount to zero (for the applied amount). The functions responsible are HandlDtlAddjustment() (and surrounding code) in PostDtldCustLedgEntres, PostDldVendLedgentries and the corresponding Unapply functions.

From an accounting perspective these entries are debatable, however if you apply mixed currencies and the G/L would record the transaction currency (which standard NAV doesn’t) then they would show up in the currencies being applied. One “advantage” is that when you do an application of posted entries, you will definitely have non-zero G/L entries to record the application in the G/L register. The other is that all transactions in the customer/vendor ledger are truly mirrored into the G/L.

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Hello Amol, Jens

Thank you for your responses.

For multi-currency operations this function may be reasonable but for LCY operations it is unnecessary. Considering a company mostly makes LCY operations, this function creates a huge unnecessary data. In 4 version it wasn’t like this. In my opinion it should be a parameter at least.

Navision’s technological side is improving, but not functional side. We are dealing lots of “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” issues in 5 and 2009 versions.

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