Hi we have both nav 2015 and business central running parralel before we go life. We recieve payements in BC and export them to 2015 to knock off the invoices and credit notes and jvs now we want to go life with BC we want to bring all the knocked off invoices and payments to BC from 2015 since its bulk doing one by one is hectic can someone advice how to bring the knocked data with payments to bc we have exported the invoices… The challange is on applying entries in customer ledger entries

You have multiple options.

  1. API - this is the best way, if you know how to develop an API
  2. Web Services - you can use also web services, it is pretty simple to create one in NAV2015, you just have to check the field mapping and tables (are not the same in NAV2015 compared to BC, fields are definitely changed - new ones exists in BC).
  3. Sales Journals - Go to Sales journal page in BC and create few lines and import those lines into Excel. This will be your template for importing data from NAV2015. Use General journal and batch as data mapping guide.
  • setup for chart of accounts have to be identical and GL Setup and also items, locations, etc. I guess you have the same setup in BC and NAV2015.
    For Sales Invoices, import them by headers and sales lines into respective cards Sales Invoice Card Page and Sales Invoice SubForm Page. As first, you can import data in Staging BC and then check if everything is correct and then into your live DB.

Thank you
BR Damjan

The answer to how to bring over those payments depends. How much detail do you want to bring over? If you want to bring over the customer and vendor level you can do this by using the sales and purchase journals. If you want to bring over the item level detail, or in other words all the sales lines within the invoices then you will need to use Smartconnect or a configuration package. We have used Smartconnect to bring in that level of historical data in bulk. They have templates to bring in the data for sales invoices that work well. You just have to make sure that you get the mapping correct but that is not that hard to do. To use a configuration package with the sales header and sales line tables. We have done both during implementations and find that Smartconnect is easier to create and use but it does cost a few hundred dollars a month for the software. Luckily the cost of Smartconnect is month to month so you can cancel the subscription once you are done migrating historical data.

To apply the data the best thing to do is to change the customer settings to make payments apply to oldest automatically. I understand that this may not apply things exactly correct but it will get you 80% of the way there and your Aging report amounts will tie. From there you may have a few items on your aging report that have payments misapplied. From there you can unapply those few payments and reapply them to the correct places so your AR Report prepared to go live the quickest.

In one of our implementations we did not do this and were required to pay someone to make a application extension that auto applied the posted entries the only issue is that the only way they could do that was to apply it to the oldest payment which we could have done upfront by changing the setting

To change this setting go to the customer card > Payment Section> Show More> Application Method >Change from manual to apply to oldest.