Apply entries from different locations

The issue I have starts with transfering negative stock. I know this problem has been discussed before on this forum but I have a specific problem releated to it. I have a client that wants to be able to transfer items where they don’t have any in stock. (Don’t ask…long story and they won’t be talked out of it!. I’d much rather they looked at their business process but I’ve no joy in discussing this with them) The Reclass Journal will (of course) not allow this. I have been able to use the Item journal to create a negatice and positive line to move the stock but this throws the costing out. To try to get around this I have tried to post the positive line first and the apply the negative line to it. This then creates 2 ILE lines with the correct costs but it changes the location of both lines to the ‘to-location’. I have alreday made a mod to CU 22 to stop the error message that tests that both locations are the same. I am assuming it changes it as applying to an entry form another location is not allowed? Is it possible to apply an entry to one with another location code? (Any other solutions to the negative stock/costing issue would also be gratefully received!)

so, what you need is to get the qty to a positive amount in the transfering location and then back to its negative amount after you have transfered the items I am just typing as I think, have your routine check qty negative if yes, then create item journal line Positive adjustment (QTY = negative qty plus amount to transfer, this gets you to having enough qty on hand to transfer), run your transfer, standard code to handle this. then you need a second journal line negative entry equal to the qty of the positive entry. this returns the transfering locations stock back to where it was less the amount transfered.

do all this in the item reclassification journal, put your code there, you should be able to create the the three lines in the code, have the positive adjustment line numbered to be less then the existing line, (which is your transfer line) and the number the negative adjustment line to be greater then the current line.

so when your routine inserts the two lines you can post everything all at once, the first line will post the positve adjustment, the second with transfer the items, and the third will be the negative adjustment to correct the transfering location inventory,