Apply Customer Entries at Line Level

We’ve got a client who is going to need the ability to apply a payment to an invoice at a line by line level. So, an invoice with two lines, each for $25. A payment comes in for $45. They want to show line one as fully paid, and line two as partially. This is important because they provide service, so they need the ability to track what actually has been paid or not. Anyone ever done anything like this? I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask first. Thanks! Daniel Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

Due to the way navision does it’s closing of entries, there is not an easy way to do this (I don’t say impossible only because someone could rewrite then entire posting routine). Navision entries must ALWAYS close another entry. So, if you have a check with to partial payments, this criteria would not be met. The simplest solution is to have the user split the check into multiple lines. Apply each invoice on a separate line. To further help your user, you could also create a function that would quickly sum up a document no. by clicking or pressing a hot key. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

I think you may have missed what I was asking for, so I wanted to clarify for all others in case anyone has insight that could help. I need the capability to apply a payment to a line. Perfect world - an invoice with a line for $25 and a line for $30, is posted. A payment subsequently comes in for $55. Instead of simply showing that the invoice is paid in full, I need the capability of showing that both of the invoice lines are paid in full. It becomes more apparent in the more likely case: An invoice with two lines - one for $25 and one for $30. A payment comes in for $50. This actually paid the $30 line in full, but was a partial payment for the $25. This needs to be tracked. One idea I have had is to force a separate customer ledger entry to post for every line on an invoice. However, this could lead to TONS of entries - but it may be the best way to use existing functionality. And William - if I misunderstood you, and you DID fully understand me, I apologize. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

Hi Daniel, Believe it or not I had to do that already for a client of mine. Now it depends what version you have to do it in. I had to do it in NF 2.60 and I actually went with a separate ledger (Customer Ledger Detail). There was also the option to force Navision to post separate Ledger Entries from the posting routine but I did not like that option because it is breaking away from Navision regular structure. I could not find an actual reason except principles. Now doing a separate ledger is simple until you have to apply cash :slight_smile: My client needed the aging at Ledger Detail level and then you have to make sure that you maintain on the Detail the Closed By Entry No, Closed by Amount. Also, luckily, my client will never use currencies (or not in the next years) so I did not have to worry about that part … I pity you if you have to do that too Also you have to build an application function in C12 to apply the amount at detail level and also the functionality to Set Apply to ID at ledger detail level. What I am saying is that it is not easy to integrate but after some good weeks it seems to work fine. Also to help you in applying cash general BMI has an add-on called ARPlus which makes life a lot easier when applying cash and I actually integrated that with the detail level as well. So it is doable but do not think it is easy … (or for my level it wasn’t). Also one problem is if you ever upgrade them to Attain it will be hell. I hope I will not be around when they ask for that. You will need to have the ledger detail based on the Navision’s ledger detail. Or maybe the whole thing we’ll just have to be rethought again. Since you have not started it maybe you want to give a thought of the other option of forcing Navision to post separately. My PM pressed for that at the beginning but I resisted because of principle but now if I had to do it again I am not sure I would be so stuborn :slight_smile: . P.S. Out of curiosity: what business is you client in? Ours is a newspaper and is the first to ask for it … So I am trying to see if there is a pattern. Regards, Cristi Nicola

Cristian, Our client is an insurance provider - so they need to know who has paid in order to start/stop coverage. So, sorry, no trend. Also, this is Attain 3.01 B. Thanks for your reply! Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

2 year ago, I have a customer who have the same requirment like your saying. now, I got another customer who have this requirment again. the customer need more thing, they want to partial apply 3 or 4 invoice line, and 3 or 4 line may be all partial apply entries. so I decide re-write Navision posting rountine. anyone also need this requirment from their client, they can tell me or email me their detail information. maybe I can do it for you together.