Apply Customer Entries at Invoice Line Level

Our client needs the ability to apply a payment to an invoice at a line by line level.
So, an invoice with two lines, each for $25.
A payment comes in for $45.
They want to show line one as fully paid, and line two as partially.
This is important because they provide service, so they need the ability to track what actually has been paid or not.



I don’t think there is any standard option for tracking payment entry at invoice line level.

Yes NAV does not support line level application of payments out of the box.

You would need to develop this functionality for your client.


I would avoid implementing on line level. Too much to operate and there will be alot of inconsistency in the data because of users not operating correctly.

I would suggest making different invoices for every category/step of the entire service invoice.

best regards,
Thomas Barbut