Applies-from entry field in value entries table

Dear All,

I would like to ask you about applies-from entry field in value entries table whether it exists or not. I am currently reading “Costing for Navision Attain 3.6 White Paper” and in the page 30, there is value entries table shown and in the table shown, there is a field applied-from entries, but when I am looking for that field in the value entries table 5802, I can’t find it. Is the field only in the version 3.6…?

I can find the use of applies-to or applies-from in the online help. but when I click navigate button either in post return receipts or posted return shipment, I just only find applies-to entries field in the value entries. It is in version W1 NAV 4.0SP2.

Any explanation from you are expected so much. tks a lot.



there are fields
Field No. Field Name Data Type
28 Applies-to Entry Integer

in both Item Ledger Entry and Value Entry.

but there is no Applies-from Entry field.

Have you turned on exact cost reversing and posted a return order?

As Steven wrote Applies-to and Applies-form are field in Sales Lines and Purchase Lines used for Exact Cost reversing in Return Order.

The lookup from those fields filters the item ledger entry the difference between the two is the sign of entries it filters.

I’ve the white paper in version 4.00 and “Applied-from Entry” is still there, but I cannot find the field in the tables 32 and 5802. But in that table “Applies-to Entry” filed should be enough to know which fixed application the user did.

Dear Patty,

I agree that there is no applied-from entry in the value entries, maybe the whitepaper is wrong or maybe the fields are only in the 3.6 version. I’ve checked the fields before doing return purchase or return sales. The applies-to entry field exists in the version 4.0 but in the whitepaper of version 4.0 (costing navision 4.0), it still is as same as in the whitepaper costing 3.6.




I know I have said this to you before, the white papers map out intentions, there are frequently changes of approach and concepts which means things differ from the intentions and the deliverables. You should not treat a white paper as a manual.

I thought there are only some of pages maybe not correct or changes, and other are not. I never have another manual besides the standard but I don’t think it is enough, that’s why I sometimes use whitepaper. Tks for all answers from you and other. I have the answer now.