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in my customer DB (5.0 W1), a user have posted a sales shipment for an item which was never been sold before and of course was not in stock, after that the user found out the mistake and he Undo the Shipment, in the Item Leger entries everything looks fine (please look below) expect that these entries are “Open”, now this preventing me from closing my inventory period because there is a -ve entry that must be applied to a +ve entry, so i went to the Application worksheet i found that the =ve entry is applied to the -ve one (however both entries are opened) so when i tried to remove the application and reapply to see what will happen i got this message

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Entries applied to a Correction entry cannot be unapplied.


so the main issue that these entries are applied, however they are still “Open” so anybody can tell me how to get around this so i can close the inventory period?

Posting Date Entry Type Source No. Document Type Document No. ItemType External Document No. Item No. Description Location Code Quantity Invoiced Quantity Remaining Quantity Shipped Qty. Not Returned Sales Amount (Actual) Cost Amount (Actual) Cost Amount (Non-Invtbl.) Completely Invoiced Open Entry No.
10.07.14 Sale MP057 SalesShipment SS-3578 Item 40A4373370451 SPACERRING MB-01 -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 0 Yes Yes 1146683
10.07.14 Sale MP057 SalesShipment SS-3578 Item 40A4373370451 SPACERRING MB-01 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 Yes Yes


sorry, the entries are in a bad format, please see the scrrenshot

Hi Waleed,

I am having the same issue, with v5.00 W1 SP1. Could you please inform me how have you corrected this ?

In advance, Thank you.

Hello Ismail,

if i remember correctly, i went to the Item ledger entries table and removed the tick mark from the Open field

sometimes you get stuck and you have to find your own way!

Dear Waleed,

I wanted to avoid that but it seems to be a solution to get rid of this one case. But, this situation occurs each time we cancel a shipment receipt. I am looking for a way to make sure that the Item application is performed correctly and automatically when a shipment receipt is canceled.

If you’re interested, I’ll let you know as soon as I found something.

Dear Ismail,

as i remember it was for an item that is shipped and was not in inventory (never stocked before) that was the case, i don’t think it was happening for all undo shipment receipts

sure am interested, if you find a proper way around this please do let me know.

thank you.

Wouldn’t you just tried to complete the accounting process instead of undoing the shipment? i mean, return order and credit memo?

but why would i do that if the order is only shipped and not invoiced (that’s why they put the undo shipment function there) if i do this then i have to invoice the “wrong order” and then reverse the whole process which is quite hectic thing to do!