Application Server

Forgive me if this question is rather simplistic but what exactly is the ‘application server’? I have read posts that indicate you can run Navision code from outside applications but how is this accomplished? Is it available for 2.60F? and is it a different granule from the OCX? Thanks in advance, MBrown

You can think of the App.Server as a client without a GUI whic runs as a client. The App.Server also calls a certain function-ID in codeunit 1 on start and passes a parameter to that function. The App.Server can also listen for incoming streams on an IP-port. This means that You can call the App.server from another program over an IP-socket and instruct the App.server what to do this way. The App.Server is also perfect for batch posting, big print jobs, nightly adjustments of inventory etc. App.Server is availiable from 3.01 (or maybe 2.65. I’m not quite sure about that) If You look at the product CD You’ll find documentation describing App.Server /Lars

Adding to Larsw, MAin functions which kep apart the Serer form Client are 1) USer management is thro’ Application server. 2) Data consistency is managed thro’ servers in case of multi user emvironment. 3) Simultaneous access to the databease is handled by the Application server. It can act as a lient to the Database & as a server to the client in a multi tier architecture. Regards, Dharmendra Desai