application rounding issue


I have this scenario whereby a customer ledger entry is marked as open but remaining balance is 0 as this was applied. Is this related to the application rounding precision in the general ledger setup? Did anyone have the same problem and how did you manage to solve?

This is occuring in NAV4.3.


Hi Cathlyn,

If Appl. rounding was zero, then some minimal difference between Invoice and Payment - say some cents - should still hang as Remaining amout.
Besides, there is Payment tolerance, too - it’s set up in the same form & tab.

You may run “Change Pmt. tolerance” - that can close entries that are unbalanced by tolerance amount. But read help before doing this, as, first, you didn’t give all details of your setups, and, even if you do, detailed answer goes beyond a simple post here in forum (and mostly will be reposting of F1 [:)] ).