Application entries with different document types

I have a situation where in Detailed cust ledger entry there are several application entries with document type = payment and there are others with document type = invoice

what is the difference? I analysed in detail both entries look same only difference in them is document type.?? Both entries seemed to be coming from same source.


This field contains the document type of the detailed customer ledger entry.

The program copies the document type from one of the following two fields:

If the entry was posted from a journal line, the document type is copied from the Document Type field on the journal line.

If the entry was posted from an order, invoice or credit memo, the document type is copied from the Document Type field on the sales header.

Well, the invoice is for when you invoiced the customer, or posted the sales document usually.

The payment is when the customer paid you, or the cash receipt journal was posted.

What I am trying to do is to look for payments (developing a report). I am filtering with document type = payment. But users come back to me saying some payments are missing. They provided me the list of the payments missing. Tried to check the list and what i have seen that there were the payments made but document type is Invoice!! with entry type : Application. This is the reason the entries are not in my report but in user’s records they recorded as payments.

Shall i make a report with document type : payment or invoice with entry type: Application. Will that be alright? Thanks.

It doesn’t have to be a Payment. It could be a Credit Memo that closed the entry, or it could be an Invoice posted with a negative amount and applied to the original invoice. Now are those payments, not really, but if the customer considers them to be, then so do you.

The report you are developing is from detailed customer ledger entry, you need to filter on entry type as Initial Entry & document type as payment.

In detailed customer ledger entry all the application & unapplication are stored including the normal entries also.