Application crash while running Detect Code Upgrade conflict

Hi ,

Im upgrading Ax 2009RU8 to Ax 2012 R3 , i’m getting a application crash while running Detect code upgrade conflict as follows, Kindly help me

Try Crash and hang analysis on LCS. It might tell you more about where it failed and it can also point out to related kernel hotfixes.

Hi Martin,

I followed the Crash and hang analysis on LCS with the dumb file from the Task Manager of the particular process(Ax32.exe),

Here i cant figure out where it got crashed, i got the report with lot of crash history … kindly help me in this…

I suggest you talk to Microsoft. If it’s a known issue and they’ve intentionally decided not to fix it, they should be able to give you a workaround.

By the way, what you’re looking at is just a list of hotfixes that may be related to your problem; you find information about your actual issue (such as the call stack) at a different place on the same page.

Hi Martin,

ya i saw that call stack . But it got a report with lot of related data and it dont have any hotfix related to that call stack, could you please be more specific about this… i have attached the call stack screen captures , ( this time i captured dumb file by using Debug Analysis Tool)

If I was you, I wouldn’t waste time with it, especially if you’re not familiar with WinDbg. Assuming that the issue 3209686 is the same as your problem, it has already been analyzed by Microsoft, so what would you do it again? I can’t do the analysis just form these pictures anyway, even if I intended to do it.

As I said, talk to Microsoft. They seem to know about this issue.

Thanks Martin