Application Builder

The company is about to decide for an Aplication Builder. What I am not sure about is how it works when different modules were developed by Partner companies (we are end-user with small it-team).

→ do I have then allso acces to the code (we need only reading acces - not to create or modify anything) from the Partners?

For example: Adressmanagement comes from one partner, SwissSalary NAV come from another, ‘Kassensystem’ allso from another… We had allready discussions with partners because they said “We have no acces to this and this module…” - does this mean that they only can not modify object from specific module - or they can not even read code from a specific module?

…i would be very gratefull for some directions…

just for the info- i work in Switzerland (when the problem is local specific).



Hi Borut,

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was it not deleted what i posted yesterday? I received this message in my mailbox:

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Do you know how it works with these things?




One is still there at following link, better you follow-up there:

Perhaps DenSter deleted your 2nd post (duplicate copy of above mentioned link).

My question is related to the “Aplication Builder” post,