"Appl.-to Item Entry"

So, here’s my scenerio…

In v5.0 I create a sales order, and from that sales order I create a released production order (Order → Planning, Functions → Create Prod. Order). The sales order line is tracked against the production order.

I finish the production order and now the sales line is tracked against the resulting positive item ledger entry.

When I ship and inovice the sales order I want the resulting posted invoice line to be applied to this item ledger entry. If I look up on the sales order line “Appl.-to Item Entry” I can select the previously referred to ILE, however when I post I receive the following error…“Applies-to Entry must not be filled out when reservations exist in Item Ledger Entry Entry No.=‘3062’” which upon further investigation indicates that I can not post this sales line because the “Appl.-to Item Entry” is populated and there is also a reservation entry (the tracking entry).

If I post without populating the “Appl.-to Item Entry” field, the posting occurs fine but there is no application.

Prior to posting I can break the reservation, then complete the “Appl.-to Item Entry” field and then post, in which case the application occurs…but it’s just one extra step which seems unnecessary when the ILE is already reserved agains the sales line.

Am I missing something??



I did a try in 5.0 SP1 and worked fine.

I posted the shipment without populating the “Appl.-to item entry” field, the ILE is applied to the output posted from the production order reserved for the sales order. What is missed is the information “Appl.-to item entry” on the Sales Shipment Line.

what do you mean by “the posting occurs fine but there is no application”?