Append PDF Files

Honestly, I have searched the forum prior to posting this question. I need a method of sending Navision report output to a PDF file automatically (without typing in the filename each time). Ideally I would like the output to append an existing file rather than creating a new one. I have tried the Amyuni software, which works great on my PC, however our live system is managed by an ASP running Citrix. As far as I can tell the Amyuni software cannot be installed on a server. Attempts to use the Amyuni printer as a “Client-Installed” printer in Citrix result in degraded quality of output. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.

PDF eDocPrinter does what you want with embedded commands in the report.

We have many customers running Amyuni in Citrix environments without any problems. And we use a really old version to…

We have an add-on you could consider. Product information (including demo videos) is available at

I don’t know if this is a helpful suggestion, but OpenOffice 1.1.* can create PDF files from anyof the various file formats which it know how to read. That includes HTML files, which are pretty easy to create from a Navision report… To get the software (which is free) see: http://www.OpenOffice.ORG StarOffice is a paid version of the same package with a few more features.