Aplies-toID doesn't correct in vendor ledger entry

Dear Sir I have found problems in process Vendor Leger Entries on application Apply Entries by I select one transaction document type is Payment and click Application Buttom and select Apply entries after that form Apply Vendor Entries is open so I select transaction for Applies-to ID field by click F9 Set Applies-to ID , Value in Applies-to ID field is “SA” ( SA is super Administrator). Some question from consultant to me … So why Program doesn’t choose value Document no. insert into Apples-to ID but insert value user name to this field ? Thus they can’t applies-to ID with Document no. Do you help me ?

Hi, Which Document No. you are expecting the system to put Invoice or Payment to all applied entries? Applies to ID is used to logically link all the entries which is going to knockoff against payment. Anyway you can modify Applies to ID value by double clicking on that field or press F2.