AP payment journal total credit / total debit fields are missing most voucher lines

Hello everyone,

We are having a wired problem with our AP payment journal these days, as when the voucher lines are created, the “Total debit” and “Total credit” fields are not having the total from all voucher lines, but only looking at line 2 and line 3 as attached picture shows.

I found a similar pattern of problem posted at https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/228004 but there is no solution, but to re-create the journal. Since the problem is showing up with different implementation clients, I suspect there would be hotfix, tried to find one, but in vain.

Can anyone give certain hotfix to look at, or give suggestions?

Thank you!

Have you tried to reproduce it in standard environment? If so you can search in LCS for any hotfixes.

If it is environment specific, then i would suggest having a developer to debug.